Wednesday, March 07, 2007

W.C.'s Featured Style O' the Week, #2

Continuing in the same vein as last week's Style O' the Week, we have a a lovely display of assorted snacks-as-nails, displayed atop a cheetos bag (nice touch!):W.C. can't even begin to tell ya'll how HONGRY this lady's nails makes me.

And also jealous, because W.C. want nails like this.... except I gotta put my own W.C.-Style spin on it, so want them all different types of ONLY CHEETOS (crunchy, spicy, original, etc.), and I want them on my FEET so as I can wear flip flops/chancletas and so everyone will see my CHEE-TOES.


Camille a/k/a Camilla said...

Kristin, Girl ... this W.C. blog is a complete crackup!! Whew! I love, love, LOVE your BiBi entries. Too funny! Thanks for making my day, Girl. I had some good, belly shaking laughs over this tonight! :-))

White Chocolate said...

Oh my goodness, Camille, a/k/a CiCi! KiKi is W.C's cuzzin! Eww eww eww. Granted, there IS a strong family resemblance, but that girl VERY boring, and I'd prefer not to be associated with her (No offence, KiKi, but u have no idea how to par-tay). Anyhow, CiCi, thanks for the shout out!