Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Stank Face

Lindsay done got herself a jail sentence, and just look at the STANK FACE she had on while in court today:
GURL! You are one hot mess:

showing off your nethers to the world
crashing par-tays
stealing peoples' stuff (so the rumors go)
showing up late for work
gettin your drank on while driving..... and more importantly, after getting busted multiple times, you didn't learn any kind of lesson, or even try to make it to all your drinkin classes!!! That Judge gave you a bunch of chances. You NEEDED to get served!

Miss Ho-Han, all that adds up to some serious STANKNESS. You KNOW you're stank when WC wouldn't even consider going to a par-tay with you. You give partying a bad name!

One thing WC really wants to know is, couldn't you afford a derned LIMOUSINE? Lawd!

All that being said, if you decide to go all BiBi Spears and shave off your hair, WC will go wig shopping with you!