Monday, November 20, 2006

W.C. hearts James

HOOTCHIES! HANDS OFF! That's my new man you're all hugged up on. And I do mean MAN. That's not to disrespect Young Justin Timberlake, who certainly ain't a little kid no more, but THIS man is a GROWN-ASS MAN. His name is James Bond, and I done seen him in a movie this weekend without his clothes on! Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Can you believe it??? An imposter, a pretender, a fake, a phony has played an awful trick on poor W.C.! SOMEBODY done put on W.C.'s wig, glasses, goat-hair collar, and then sent W.C. the taunting photographs, to document the VIOLATION!

The savvy perpetrator even used W.C.'s very own "tongue-stuck-out" move, LAWD! Do not let the clever pose fool you. This is not W.C.! This ain't W.C. either, although this is kinda how I look at myself in the mirror after I get my hair did:
W.C. would NEVER do this pose:
This just ain't fair, yo. W.C. feels so violated! Clearly the imposter had an accomplice. Anybody with TIPS on the identity of the imposter, you lemmeknow. Anonymous tips are OK, but you better *67 my ass, because I got caller I.D., bitches! I already have my suspicions, so certain "persons of interest" might wanna be careful at Thanksgiving this year, and watch they backs... Because they just MIGHT get a turkey leg up-side the head! To hell with The People's Court, that's what we call STREET JUSTICE!