Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Can you believe it??? An imposter, a pretender, a fake, a phony has played an awful trick on poor W.C.! SOMEBODY done put on W.C.'s wig, glasses, goat-hair collar, and then sent W.C. the taunting photographs, to document the VIOLATION!

The savvy perpetrator even used W.C.'s very own "tongue-stuck-out" move, LAWD! Do not let the clever pose fool you. This is not W.C.! This ain't W.C. either, although this is kinda how I look at myself in the mirror after I get my hair did:
W.C. would NEVER do this pose:
This just ain't fair, yo. W.C. feels so violated! Clearly the imposter had an accomplice. Anybody with TIPS on the identity of the imposter, you lemmeknow. Anonymous tips are OK, but you better *67 my ass, because I got caller I.D., bitches! I already have my suspicions, so certain "persons of interest" might wanna be careful at Thanksgiving this year, and watch they backs... Because they just MIGHT get a turkey leg up-side the head! To hell with The People's Court, that's what we call STREET JUSTICE!


Ramon said...

ay ay ay!!! my belobed why chocolat who ees dis person dat try to imitate chu eh? I weell not be fooled by dis persons doin dis to my african mamacita! chu can coun on Ramon mami. ees not lay anybody ees gonna be fooled by dis ugly perra, chu are so butiful chee not even as ugly as chur cusin chanikua.....besay chee look lie mi tio Pepe de one ay tol chu about in mazatlan. de one dat was een de mobie tree amigos, he got the hare lie dis lyin bastar, not lie chu mami never lie chu why chocolat....eempostor weel pay for dis insul to de african kueen

Shaniqua said...

Ohh Lawd! I done knew that weren't WC when I saw dem hairy ass arms! Gurl, what Billy Zane doing wit yo weave?