Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Pole: A Lesson in Stank

Professor W.C. here. Lemme give ya'll a lesson in how to THROW DOWN SOME STANK. Now, I ain't talking about no "literal" stank. STANK is a mood, a state of mind. HARNESS the POWER of the STANK, and use it for good, not for evil.

Take, for example, the occasion of the installation of The Pole at G.Z. (for those of you who ain't in the know, "G.Z." stands for Ground Zero, a special party-spot located in Florida. A craygee lady named "Wild Oats" is the proprietor, but it's a private V.I.P. establishment, so don't go trying to seek it out. INVITATION ONLY, BITCHES! But the FL G.Z. existed years before the new G.Z. in N-Why-C, and the Florida G.Z. has nothing to do with airplanes, or towers, or putting a jihad on anybody's ass)... Oh, except maybe for the time when a bottle-rocket put a jihad on a certain party-goer's ass... but that's a discussion for another time....

Back to STANK, and The Pole: When The Pole became installed at G.Z., for the festivities surrounding the recent birthday of Wild Oats, W.C. just HAD to throw down some stank (see photographic evidence). Now, this is for professionals, friends. You might wanna practice this at home in front of the mirror before you go exhibiting STANK out in public. To really get down, one must allow the STANK to take over. One must give oneself over to the STANK. Become ONE with the stank. You can do it. Plentiful "Natural Ice" beer and good music helps. W.C. can help, too.... If you want to know more about the secrets of stank, but need help getting your STANK on, or you just need advice, give W.C. a shout: