Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All My Chirrun

W.C. was up in the Seffner Wal-Mart on Easter Sunday.

(By the way, have you HAD dark-chocolate covered Peeps yet? And if not, why not? Careful, Chocolate Covered Peeps are not to be confused with "Chocolate Dipped Peeps" which is just a regular-old nasty Peep with its toes dipped in chocolate. Regular-old Peeps make WC's teeth hurt from all the crunchy dye-flavored sugar, but there is something tantalizing about Chocolate Covered Peeps. Also, have you ever tried to see how many regular Peeps fit in your mouth? If so, how many was it?).
Anyway, this girl up in the Wal-mart was SO COUNTRY, and talking so LOUD on her mobile phone, so W.C. clearly overheard her talking on the phone about "ALL MY CHIRRUN"....

W.C. doesn't know whether she was talking about the television show, or about all her kids, but....


Style O' the Week #13: Oreo Head

W.C. was surfing on the internets, and found a photo of a lovely at lady posted by Tosh.0's website, via another website.
W.C. is more of a tostitos-toenail-airbrush-job kinda gal, but this is some fancy-ass hair! Girl, why are you at Sam's Club? I'd think you might want to be at a REAL club with that fancy hair!

Then again, Sam's Club has enough good stuff up in there that you can just go on and throw your OWN fancy-ass par-tay in your back yard. I see where this is going... Well, don't forget the chips, nor the dips, and don't forget to invite W.C.!!!