Monday, April 09, 2007

Post-Easter Greetings, and Style of the Week, #9

W.C. LOVES when people go out of their way to be festive. This Style of the Week (and a big shout-out to my dawg MiMo for emailing) is dedicated to a lady who really put a lot into her Easter hairdo: Are you puzzled, reader? Are you thinking "well, that lady's hair sure looks purty, and the style contains hints of a lovely pastel spring theme, but WHERE do you get EASTER out of this hairdo, W.C.?"

Well, let W.C. continue:


EGGS! Grass! Basket Handle!

The Easter Bunny would be proud... not that W.C. cares what the Easter Bunny thinks, because he didn't bring so much as ONE PEEP nor CADBURY EGG for W.C. this year. Good thing they are 1/2 off at Walgreens now! The only happier day in all the year is February 15th. WC's gotta go get her sugar-buzz on... C-ya!


Ramon said...

ay lobe eet.
ay wan mee cheeca to habe one of dis hairs. dey look berry berry elegante ans disteegueesht.
muy como en mi barrio ese!!!

NiNi said...

ooooh lawd! DAT'S gheheheheTO!!! ooooh shit!

White Chocolate said...

W.C. loves how the basket handle is made of hair as well, and wonders how much this cost to have done. W.C. would TOTALLY do this for the next fambly reunion. TOTALLY. But it probably costs a bunch a dough, and that's something W.C. ain't got.