Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Can U Hear W.C. Now?

Yet ANOTHER piece of evidence that (1) W.C. is a trend-setter and (2) everybody loves W.C....

There is a phone named after W.C.! Check it out: IF W.C. had a phone, this would be the phone. Unfortunately, neither that nerd-dude from Verizon, nor the LG company has yet seen fit to hook a bitch up!

Until then, W.C. will continue to use her pager from fricken 1992:
...and call people back from the parking lot at 7-11. That is NOT fabulous, people. Therefore, if anybody gots a connection at the phone company, let W.C. know.

Also, if the phone comes with those little stick-on sparkle-blingz, even better!
You KNOW what W.C. likes, Babies!


Ramon said...

Why chocolat choo ees so elegante!!! Choo habe a payer an een mee barrio we only habe "de corredores" choo gibe a nerd a message an hee ron an tell de message to de oder peepl. hahaha

5 Dolla said...

Gurl... that be MY pager. But you can have it cuz I done got a celly now. You needs to find yo ass a rich man to buy you one too.