Friday, April 13, 2007

WC's Style O' the Week, #10

Some people done found even purtier toes than W.C. had found last time! Here is the picture:

OOH LAWD! W.C.'s previously commented about some similarly styled toes. Here is the encore presentation, in case you already forgot:

Girls, these toes WILL get stomped on up in the club. You best watch out!


5 Dolla said...

That gives a new meaning to the word GHETTOE fabulous. I hurd that WC done crashed a ghetto high school reunion... we knows she never graduated from high school!

Ramon said...

dis look lie may cusin Juanitas footses. i lobe eet, ramon tink dey ees secsy..... ay can only imageen gibin dis african mami a footses massage. ORALE!!!!