Thursday, April 12, 2007

Stuff Ya'll Can Buy (for W.C.)

OK, OK... ya'll don't really NEED to buy this for W.C.:

But DAWG! The fact that a Mickey-D's french fried tater-holder with BOTH Baby BiBi and Baby J.T. on it still exists boggles W.C.'s mind! And it's available for sale on eBay?! That is cuh-ray-zay!

W.C.'s fry containers usually get all greasy and sqashed right off the bat. Or, sometimes I fold down the top, to save some fries in my purse for later. Mmm mmm... add some fresh salt and ketchup to those cold taters, and they are as good as new, and perfect when W.C. is hongry after a night of par-taying.

The point is, this tater-holder is a rare find. Go ahead and spring for the 5 bucks (it's that much, because of $3.95 shipping) and BUY THIS THING. In 20 years, you'll totally be able to get your money back, plus at LEAST a dollar or so more.

Investment strategy, W.C. style!


5 Dolla said...

That fried tater container would look good wit yo happy meal purse!

White Chocolate said...

Gurrrl, you MUST be referring to that time when I wanted to eat macnuggets in the Dolla Theater on Mills, so I done bought a Happy Meal, and carried it in.

The dude who took my ticket said, "Hey, no outside food allowed" and W.C. was all like "It's my PURSE, Dude!"

And it was. It's just that W.C.'s purse happened to contain delicious NUGGS, and FRIES, and a DRANK, and cookies, and a toy surprise.

The movie gods got me though, because when W.C. left the movie, the front of my shirt was COVERED in mustard.