Friday, April 06, 2007

BiBi Spears is still a mess...

W.C. found this pic of BiBi and just had to say something, and thankfully somebody had already blacked out BiBi's bibi, which you can see because she done forgot her underwearz again!
Dear BiBi,

Nice wig, nice purse. The jury is out on those velvet bike shorts, but at least you ain't gonna flash your hootchie-cootchie. As for your STAINED-ASS SHIRT:

QUESTION: Why the HELL do you think White Chocolate wears BLACK to every par-tay?

ANSWER: W.C. wears black because nobody can see the food and drank that you spill all over yourself when your ass gets drunk and hongry. As long as you don't have dandruff (those lights in the club WILL show dandruff and other skurry types of stains), then wearing black is ALWAYS the way to go. Especially for hongry and thirsty girls like you and me.

At LEAST you weren't drinking red wine. Also, when you know the cameras are following you, why not just stay in your seat at the restaurant until that stain dries?!

Unless that's grease. DOH.


Ramon said...

BiBi is alguays chowin her boobis and oder pars of her too. Chees an ehssibishionist....... ay tink chee lobes de cameras an de atenshon dat los paparasis gibe her. pobrecita BiBi esta loca. Por eso el judge gabe mor tine to guacala-Fed. Ats wha Ramon tink.

5 Dolla said...

Dayummm... yo sho that Bibi's bibi ain't leakin' da milk of magnesium... y'all know Kfed ain't around to lap dat sh*t up anymore. Ohhhh... did y'all hear dat Kfed lil bro got arresteded