Tuesday, March 20, 2007

WC's Style O' the Week, #4


Of course, there are only 4 total styles o' the week so far. But W.C. can safely say that it will be tough to come close to matching this. Aren't these toes the FANCIEST toes you've seen:

Fancy and purty though these may be, none-the-less W.C. sees a few problems with toes like these.

1) shoe choice limitation.

2) dancing-moves limitation.

OH LAWD, you KNOW some big-footed SASQUATCH gonna step on one of these purty toes up in the club, and either scuff them, or knock one of them clear off.

Good luck, girl!


Mpress said...

oh no, got to go, gurl you got some dagger toes!!!!

Susanna said...

I have got to get myself some of that hotness.

Perhaps with the "reverse" French manicure... you know with red tips.

Can you imagine the agony if one of those got stubbed?

White Chocolate said...

@ mpress - Yo, I never thought of the possibility of toe-nails as weapons! Like cockfighting!

@ susanna - Guurl, I like the way you think. That sound puuuurty.

ayla said...

I'm afraid. I'm very afraid.

g-dog said...

Oh no! That is just so wrong!

RE: toenails as weapons -- check out the velociraptor Dinonychus (sp?) - one immense clay on foot to eviscerate the victim.

In this case- I am thinking that if her partner doesn't "satisfy" this woman, she may eviscerate them on the spot!

White Chocolate said...

Ya'll crack W.C. up. If anybody gets these dino-toes done, ya'll BEST send me the pix.

peasonyerhead said...

oh good Lord, those have the be the most God awful toenails I've ever seen!!!


Anonymous said...

Ewwww.....that's nasty!

Rachel said...

I never thought I'd see the day when my dad's nasty toes were considered stylish.

D said...

ya'll, dem some GHET-TOES! Ohh goodness!