Friday, March 23, 2007

J.D. = crazier than W.C.!

When W.C. goes out on the town, some folks say: "Hey W.C.... You CRAY-ZEE!"

And yes, W.C. can get into a groove, and get downright FUNKY. But W.C. always says "there are PLENTY of people crazier than W.C." in the partying department.

Case in point:
LAWD, Janice Dickenson! W.C. can see your drawers!

J.D. is fabulous, though. She's gonna be 75 one day, and will still find a way to Botox her way to looking exactly like she does in this picture.

Q: In hand-to-hand combat between Tyra Banks and J.D., who would win?


5 Dolla said...

I keep havin' a recurrin' dream that JD trashes my hotel room and brings me a bunch of bananas! That gurl da Queen of CRAYGEE!

D said...

Hmm, Tyra ghetto, so she might could kick JD's ass, but then, JD a crazy mega-bitch, so I's don' know...but then again, Tyra could always sit on her.

5 Dolla said...

OR Tyra could give her the fierce look... "do you see what i just did with my eyes. This looks like i'm squintting but THIS looks like i'm about to stab JD in one of her fake ass boobs!"

White Chocolate said...

HA HA HA! Yeah, Tyra is BIG, but JD looks STRONG. They MIGHT would end up in a stand-off if they get their hands tangled in each other's wig/weave/extensions.

Ramon said...

Ay ay ay..........
i tink i onse saw Yanice dyckenson in Acapulco wid like a bonch of doodes dey all parti lie der was no maƱana. dey all got een my tacsi an we drobe to a beeg house een de heels an dey party. I tink Ramon would remember a pair of.....drawers lie dat no ese?