Wednesday, March 14, 2007

W.C.'s Style O' The Week: #3

Since W.C. has been shacking up in Miami, W.C. is a fan of the Miami Dolphins football team, and so is this lady:
The small-print writing on the side of this picture tells us that these nails got did by Princess, and also "Fierce Nails Online".... But W.C. googled that, and found nothing.

If W.C. could find Princess, W.C. might would get these did... except for you see how the dolphin comes out from the nail??? That would SHORELY get snagged up in my hair, and how embarrassing if I pulled my OWN hair off my head with my purty nails. Besides that little issue, W.C. gives this style two Press-On-Nailed-Thumbs Up, for TEAM SPIRIT and originality.

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D said...

ha ha ha!