Wednesday, March 21, 2007

W.C.'s Style of the Week, # 5

If any of ya'll got some money burning a hole in your pocket, buy these for W.C., a'ight?

Color: Any color ya'll decide is fine.
Use: W.C. is gonna par-tay in these puppies, ya'll!


Tiki said...

I know you ain't gonna wear no puppies!!!!

White Chocolate said...

Whatup Dog-Blog? Don't try and play like you don't know what W.C. meant. Who do you think WC is, Cruella Deville? HA HA HA.

LAWD, I did once try to sew myself a squirrel coat that time we ate all them squirrels, but squirrel pelts are TINY and I got a hand cramp, and then the dogs got ahold of the unfinished coat and dragged it off into the woods.

That was back before W.C. was fabulous. OMG, FLASHBACK!

D said...

gurl, dem boots fabulous. I would get 'em fo you, but NiNi kick my ass if'n I givem to you instead of her. also, BV wuld put her stank all over them b4 i even give 'em to you. sigh...