Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No JT for BiBi...

Well, BiBi is busting out of rehab--legitimately this time. And along with that news, everybody is reporting that JT don't want nothing to do with her crusty, barefooted self (which is what he means when he says "we just friends").

Well, BiBi... maybe it's for the best. JT is a little too pretty and polished for your new career track that W.C. has designed for you. You need to partner up with someone who is more on your new head-shaved, rock-out level.

Maybe this dude:

His name is Pete Doherty (no relation to Shannon that W.C. knows of) and like you, he also enjoys partying, going in and out of rehab, rocking out, and long walks on the beach.

Anyone else have some suggestions of suitable suitors for post-rehab BiBi???


The Empress said...

Hey WC... check it- Apparently Bibi done found herself a mannnn in rehab. His name Jason Filyaw, lead singer of the group Riva.
I done sent you a pic of him gurl!

White Chocolate said...

Gurrrrl, I saw that pic you done sent of him, too. I'll try to post it. He ain't bad! BiBi could do worse!