Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Oh Snap! Big Moe Denied Entrance to Shaq's B-Day

The news for the day is that Shaq had a b-day party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and SOMEHOW Star Jones made it past the velvet rope:

...but poor Big Moe (Anna Nicole's former bodyguard) got denied at the door. Big Moe doesn't even have a JOBBITY JOB anymore, and Shaq's door-dudes are hating on the man?

WC SHOULD have busted up in there. With WC on his arm, Big Moe would have gotten in.

Also, he apparently doesn't know the rule that if at first you don't succeed, there's always sneaking in through the kitchen! HA HA HA, you laugh, but there is a whole troupe of crusty old party crashers W.C. done met in N-Why-C who think they are super fancy, but yet they will sneak under a fence in a second if there are some jumbo cocktail scrimps on the other side!

But WC digresses....

Chin up, Big Moe! Shaq just wanted to ensure he'd be the tallest dude at the party on his big day!


Ramon said...

ramon chused to tie a bandana on hees head an den go buy som ise an den go an noc on de quichen dor an tell dem de ise was heer. so dey let mee een an den jus drop de ise an de bandana an den walk to de dysko an jus parti like animal.

5 Dolla said...

I hurd that sometimes those NYC wannabees give a fakity fake ass name dat they know on da list at da doe. And those po-sers (yea, they po mo-f*ckers cuz they ain't got no $$$) gonna steal da gift bags and regift dat shit. Now... 5 Dolla do be re-giftin' but ain't no sh*t dat i stole. AND 5 Dolla alwayz be on da list- ain't gotta hop no fence or give a fakity fake ass name at the doe. That sh*t too GHETTO for even 5 Dolla!!!! Now as fo Big Moe- Bwoy... you needs to go ask Bibi for a J-O-B cuz she be needin' a new b-guard. But don't be pullin' out and pointin' yo piece inn front of da church...Jesus will see yo ass!

White Chocolate said...

Gurrrl, you hurd right.

They even READ UPSIDE-DOWN to try to get a name off of the list friends, then they text message that to the other non-list-people they know.

I used to know one of those N-Why-C doods who would ALWAYS be re-gifting people gifts he got in extra gift bags he stole fo' FREE.

LAWD. If you are sneaking in through the kitchen, or over a fence, your ass is BEYOND "GHETTO" whether you got a cashmere sweater around your neck or not, cause back in Pine Hillz, we would NEVER get caught doing anything as lame as that.

Not least of all, you might get your ass beat busting up into Junior-across-the-street's party if Junior didn't ask your ass to stop by.

5 Dolla said...

mmmhmmm... and you knows Junior don't be playin' dat! Mmmm... dat boy be fine as hell tho! There was this one par-tee the Empress had back in da day and this red-head beotch gonna try to crash and got her ass thrown into da pool. Now, The Empress didn't do no pushin' but i knows that beotch done got all wet and broke her pager and sh*t. Then, she gonna try to cry to The Empress bout it and the Empress done gave her da hand!

Ramon said...

ramon was yong an estupido wen hee deed de o'l quichen tric. But i no gibe a gif bag to no one. i for shoor not do dat.

Dominick Centaur said...

Mmm Hmm...I remebur tha ol' RedHeaded Party Crasher. Not even invited (shoot, at the time *I* was lucky to even get an invite!, then drivin up in her busted ass car with one bottle of half drank beer. Uh Huh, THAT be ghetto...I was thur! I also seen her ass fall into the pool while tryin' to talk to Ant Head and Fat Brad. That shit were funny yo! It was after I drank that concoction the Empress made for me and danced with Fairy to the Breeder's "CannonBall"...good times, good times.