Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Breaking News! STANK Report!

From Orlando---D.W.C. reports that the tourists and Universal Studios employees are gossiping about the scrumptious MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. Apparently, M&M is super-duper STANK. Once he gets out in the sun without his DEO, it's all about the B.O! Lawd, but his stank self is still good looking. He can bring his STANK over to W.C. any time!

Thanks to D.W.C. for the coverage.


The Empress said...

You knows dat story came from your old pimp Daddy Rabbit!!!!

White Chocolate said...

Oh HELL NO. I ain't NEVER been no HO. But yea, I gots to admit the story originated from that triple-stank trick Daddy Rabbit who has been hangin round Universal Studios lately, trying to get all UP in M.M.'s stanky armpits, ONLY because Daddy Rabbit had a crush on Lance Armstrong, and Lance and Matthew are zero-degrees-of-separation. Shoot, Matthew is zero "Degree" Degree antiperspirant too, apparently.