Monday, March 26, 2007

No Nekkids Allowed

W.C. went walking on Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach last night. You wouldn't have recognized me, because I didn't have my hair fixed.

On the door of one store, called "Design Within Reach" there was this sign:

No Nekkids Allowed!

Now W.C. agrees that going any public place all barefooted sounds pretty NASTY (BiBi Spears, are you listening?). So that part of the sign is fine.

But as to the rest of the sign: If W.C. weren't afraid of getting on the bad side of the Miami Beach P.D. and weren't so much of a PROPER LADY, Rollerblade-Streaking on Lincoln Road sounds right fun!

If anybody does this, you best be sure to send the pics to W.C. as soon as you get out of County!


Dominick Centaur said...

damn! there go my plans for Lincoln Rd Nude Saturdays!

Ramon said...

eef der ees sunthin' Ramon lies better dan wearin' speedos and chancletas on de beech ees to go runnin nekkid een public places. Ramoncito lobes dat sheet. We do dat een Tijuana one tine an de cops took a hose wid pressure water and jus spray us eet was funny day. I lobe eet.

5 Dolla said...

hmmm... did ramon just say that he likes being hit with a big hose? "Hey mr. tangerine speed-o"

Ramon said...

5 dolla choo need to eemprobe chur reedin squills. i say i got spray wid pressure hose. i deednt say ho' or lay bein hit wid hoses. choo loca 5 dolla' But ramoncito lies speedos ese, i habe a why one wid sebra ehstripe dat i no choo ghetto girls weel lobe. I wear eet in acapulco ol de tine

Dominick Centaur said...

ramon sho do good phonetic spelling.