Thursday, March 08, 2007

W.C.'s Florida Happenings: Coleslaw Wrestling

Ooooh LAWD:

Did you know there is coleslaw wrestling in CenFla? W.C. didn't enter this contest this year, but these skurry ladies need to watch out for W.C. come NEXT YEAR! $500 goes to the winner, and ya'll KNOW W.C. would have won.
Thanks to news-monger D.W.C. for the hot tip.

1 comment:

Ramon said...

hello mami, ees me ramon, i jus wanna tell chu dat i would lobe to wrestl chu in dat delicious ensalada de col, one tine in acapulco i got pay 50 pesos to wrestl wit two fat chicas fron a strip bar but eet was een a tub full of gelatina or jello lie chu call eet. den we did one tine a chocolat wrestl in a kiddy pool in opa locka in de parkin lot of de taco bell nest to sedanos, eet was reely fun tin. we chould do eet no? de wrestlin i mean, wha did chu tink? ja ja ja
i lobe chu my bootiful mamacita