Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Style O' the Week #13: Oreo Head

W.C. was surfing on the internets, and found a photo of a lovely at lady posted by Tosh.0's website, via another website.
W.C. is more of a tostitos-toenail-airbrush-job kinda gal, but this is some fancy-ass hair! Girl, why are you at Sam's Club? I'd think you might want to be at a REAL club with that fancy hair!

Then again, Sam's Club has enough good stuff up in there that you can just go on and throw your OWN fancy-ass par-tay in your back yard. I see where this is going... Well, don't forget the chips, nor the dips, and don't forget to invite W.C.!!!

1 comment:

Dominick Centaur said...

Gurl, whatchu doin in da Hillz?!