Monday, November 20, 2006

W.C. hearts James

HOOTCHIES! HANDS OFF! That's my new man you're all hugged up on. And I do mean MAN. That's not to disrespect Young Justin Timberlake, who certainly ain't a little kid no more, but THIS man is a GROWN-ASS MAN. His name is James Bond, and I done seen him in a movie this weekend without his clothes on! Whoo hoo!

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Ramon said...

ay ay ay mamita........chu brou mi har babi. How can chu say dat dat blondy guy callin hinsel, jaime bond is chur nu man??? hou bout mee eh??? Pobre Ramoncito....dats wha happens to pobre de mi. One tine i feel in lobe wid anoder gooman in acapulco mami, si ain sayin dis to make chu cheloux babi, is jus de tru, chu no? I feel een lobe wid dis gooman in acapulco, che got into mai cab an we drobe to la playa where we had incredible nie.... Nes dey Ramon wake up naked in de cab and mamacita was go. i loo for mai nu african kuin but che no wher to be foun. che bro my har lie chu why chocolat, i think i was only man in chur lie.... did Ramon do suntin to opset chu???
please tell me mami