Thursday, May 24, 2007

Stank Report, South Beach Edition

W.C. is BACK! I owe an "Ask W.C." answer to at LEAST two people, and both of them questions are/were time sensitive. DOH!

W.C. will get on to that task, but in the meantime, here is a camera-phone pic taken on beeyootiful South Beach:

LAWD! You know it gets HOT down here, right? You know it's seriously tropical in these here parts of the United States. Well how the HELL you gonna put your STANK shoes up in the back window of your car?

You know the sun is gonna heat them up, and release a cloud of FOOT FUNK in your auto!

Even if you are homeless, and living out of your car (which sometimes happens in SoBe), please put those shoes in the trunk, baby!


Ramon said...

Ramon sez: der's noting el wrong to poot your shoos een your car lie dat. I do eet all de tine an mi carro has a berry personal ehsmell now choo kno? berry deestinguishable. Ramon understan dis heer person. So my dear mamacita WC you chould try pootin shoos in your car, lie dos bootiful bootses you keep bragging about. Ramoncito ees el beeg fan

Dominick Centaur said...

Gurl, you knows where ima keep ma shooz when I gets down thur!!!