Saturday, May 05, 2007

BiBi wears ugly clothes

Girl, that top looks like you got it at Guess Closeout Factory store off of the 2-for-$9.99 rack.
You watch America's Next Top Model? Cause my girl Dionne was wearing a top like that a few weeks back and she like to have gotten herself thrown off the show! Is that why you look sad, girl? Don't worry, Dionne got herself together, and you can too.

I know you still got that Louisiana Mall Mentality, and being from modest means I can feel you on that, but you got money now! That's why you signed that pre-nup! Shop like you got some real money in your pocket once in a while!

We got a saying where I am from: "GIRL, SOMEBODY DONE LIED TO YOU."

Get thee to Rodeo Drive, and go with someone who will TELL YOU THE TRUTH. Better yet, come down to Miami and go shopping at the Macy's at Dadeland. There's one real sweet Cuban sales lady who works up in the DKNY department or thereabouts, and she WILL tell you how it is. She says: "Oh no, baby. I don like thees ones for you" and will bring you something much purtyer to try on, and THANK GOODNESS FOR THAT.

Don't be trying to fool WC now---*I* can tell the difference between Gucci and Fucchi.


5 Dolla said...

dat be cuz you used to sell fuchi out the back of Guv's car.

Ramon said...

hey ay steel habe sone fucchi and a brolex Why chocolat sold mee. pura mierda!!