Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hammer Time!

Katie Holmes is purty. She got a purty child. She got a purty girly-man as her wedded husband and alleged baby-daddy. She got purty friends, and purty clothes, and purty shoes. But her feet???
THEM FEET GOTS TO GO! And I know my friend DWC ain't gonna be happy that I am back on feet, but day-um... "Ms. AU" sent these via the email, and WC couldn't possibly pass up the chance to comment.

Since WC seen these toes, all I can think of is MC Hammer, Hammer-time, Det. Mike Hammer from Sledgehammer, and a Ham-and-Cheese Sammich with some CORN chips (but that one is just because WC is hongry).

Katie! GURL, have your man go get you some Dr. Scholl's! You are too purty to have them STANK TOES.



Dominick Centaur said...

WC, never fret...I'm GLADD you commented on them nasty, crusty, STANK GHETtoes! Ohhhh shit! It looks like she tried to cram some size 11's into some size 8's. It just ain't workin', gurl. Ohhh damn! Ohh shit! I needs to go to the bathroom now...

Ramon said...

Guacala!!!! dis woman's footses are super el nasty no??? If Ton Cruz ees waitin for de motherchip to arrive he chould tell his alien frinds to zaaaappp dis bitches footses into sontin nicer no??? Not even Juanita de gooman who sells de warm oysters on de beech een acapulco has de footses asi de ugly y nasty. Not even Ramoncito would gibe dis nasty footses a footses massage. Yuk!! El puke-o
Ay tell choo Ton Cruz zaaaaapp is de answer. Orale ese!

Ingvild said...

i have toes like that!! its not funny, and i cant help that i am made that way!!!!!! was born whit it and i have struggled with it ever since!!!!

White Chocolate said...

Ingvild, WC has an issue with feet and if you saw WC's feet you would know why. They are BIG like boats, with thick callouses on the bottom from running around on the farm without shoes on, and there are bunions and corns from wearing purty shoes. Don't let some hammer toes being you down! Katie sure don't!