Friday, May 25, 2007

You found White Chocolate, your search is over.

W.C. subscribes to Site Meter (you can see their visitor counter down at the bottom of the page). Site Meter lets W.C. know how people find her blog, and, for example, which search terms people use to find it. Some of these search terms made W.C. LAUGH AND LAUGH!

The all-time most popular search leading to W.C.'s blog is:

---"ghet-toes" and/or "ghet toes" (that's very expected, because W.C. loves pointing out people's ghet-toes!)

Some of the other ones you might find interesting include:

---"types of cheetos" (which is fitting, because W.C. knows EVERYTHING about cheetos).

---"ni's chocolate" (which W.C. doesn't understand at all).

---"mcconaughey gossiping" (which makes sense, because W.C. LOVES to gossip about hot mens).

---"kiddy tine nest" (which W.C. REALLY doesn't understand AT ALL, and if this means something nasty in another language, W.C. apologizes).

---"dominick centaur" (it only came up once, which W.C. thinks was just due to my friend of the same name checking out his searchability, which is totally legit... W.C. does that on a daily basis... but this is a fact that only D.C. himself can confirm or deny).

---"coleslaw wrestling 2007" (which----just wait until 2008, because W.C. wants to be all UP in that coleslaw to win the $500!!!, assuming a good wig can be found that won't come off during the greasy cabbage scrapping).

---"brazilian wax" (which unfortunately, WC knows waaay too much about... Ay ay ay!).

---"barefooted" (which is how W.C.'s friend BiBi Spears likes to be).

And finally.........................................

---"apopka hottest bitches" (which, it probably goes without saying, is W.C.'s MOST FAVORITIST SEARCH, EVER, BY A LONG SHOT!).

Ain't that something? Ain't the Internetz amazing?! Someone out there was looking for Apopka's hottest B's, and they found THE MOST HOTTEST ONE!

Your search is over, Mr. or Mrs. Internet-User! Your search is over.


Dominick Centaur said...

no gurl, weren't me who searched D.C. on yo blog. I'm just popular! didn't you know? or could it be the WC link I put on MY blog?

we always knew u were Apopka's HOTTEST Bitch!

Dem ho's at the Coleslaw Rasslin best watch out!

White Chocolate said...

OOh, I wonder who is wuz, then!

White Chocolate said...

I coulda did it, but I don't remember doing it!

Ramon said...

babi dominick centaur es el eh-stalker mas grande del mundo!!! wash out for heem.... ay tink hees loco mang!

NiNi said...

Ramon, what that stupid comment got to do wit WC's post? Ohh lawd...go back to yo cabana! U a stalker's stalker u is!