Thursday, March 13, 2008

BiBi's Daddy Got Her Money

OOh, Child... BiBi, look what you went and did by not listening to White Chocolate. You got your daddy in control of all your stuff, and K-Diddy got them kids.

Now, THAT second thang about the kids ain't so bad. After all, who really wants to do more than VISIT with kids? Besides, like, people who live in the 'burbs. Let K-Diddy do all the heavy lifting.

But what about your MONEY? IF you had listened to W.C., we could be out, get our hair done, and our nails did, going dranking, dancing, going on multi-hundred dollar shopping sprees at Wal-Mart or whatever your favorite store is, and eating as many derned "Cheetos" as we want.

I heard your daddy is paying himself multiple thousands per month. W.C. will do the job for half what he's making. Let me holla at your judge!


Ramon said...

No no no
Bee Bee should gibe mee de monee, dis guay, i can conquest why chocolat, she lobes the bling and wid beebees monee i can buy her mucho bling y shampagne y cheetos. she weel be ramoncitos girlfrien. Ramon ees happee hees goin to bee reech. ay ay ay ajjjjjuuuuuaaaaaa!!!!

NiNi said...

bibi STANK! she need to spend some bling on some new hur. she also need to get hur toes did. i seen her runnin into da shell bafroom all burfeets. she also took a red lighter from the sto. why it gotta be red? ya'll know she be likin pink. it were good.

5 Dolla said...

Gurl...did you hear Bibi's daddy done started a scratch & dent sale... he gonna sell all dem cars she be wreckin'cuz she gotta pay her babies daddy atty.

Bibi's ex ain't called K-fed no mo-he called Well-Fed now. That bwoy done let himself go.

Ramon said...

i herd a roomor that Why chocolat weel probably meet wid fi dolla in miami? how come ramoncito not know about dis eh?

5 Dolla said...

Ramon, all i gots to say is...Bwoy ain't no one invited your stank ass to my partee b/c we ain't havin' it at taco bell! But you can still buy my ass a dranky drank drank... and WC need a dranky drank drank too. We prefer some Cristal but if your broke ass can't afford it then we settle for some Moet & Chandon White Star. Don't be showin' your punk ass without my dranky drank drank in your hand!!!!

Ramon said...

hey now choo listen to mee pinche figh dolla, i weel sell a lot of pinche tacos tonight at de bowlin ally i go to behind mai church just so ai bai choor punk ass you pinche dranky drank drank and my belobed mamacita WC too i buy her drank, and before i show op with you beotches dranks, you best wash your footses because you stank! ajjjjuuuuaaaa!!!