Tuesday, March 04, 2008


FYI, and R.I.P. to this dude, Gary Gygax, who was a co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons.W.C. got kicked out of her only game of "Dungeons and Dragons" because some of the nerd-players took offense to W.C. trying to kill all the other game characters, and because W.C. got chicken-wing grease all over the dice, and also she drank up the nerds' beers, and didn't take the game seriously enough. *Whatever!*

For realz though, this is sad because this guy was probably real creative, and he made a lot of nerds happy.


Ramon said...

a lon lontine ago, when ramon was jos ramoncito.. he use too lobe dragones y cavernas (doonjons and dragoons in ehspaneesh) an wee paly een the beech in acapulco. pobrecito gary gygass i use to lobe heem. ramoncito was a phan. i play a lot ramon was nerd. i was a level 14 druid with a plos 4 ehspells. ramon roked. descansa en paz gary gygax, ramon weel mees you.

Empress said...

To call the D&D players "nerds" is an insult to my kind. I am a SUPER SCIENCE NERD and have never played D&D!!!! Vampire perhaps... but never D&D. And yes, i WAS in the chess club too!

White Chocolate said...

Dear Miss Lady-Nerd Empress:

What up, girl?

Interesting point, but WC would argue that there are many different species of nerds, including Science Geeks like yourself.

No, it's true that you don't carry no sword encrusted with magical crystals, but that just means you are a different species of nerd.

Of course, BEING a science geek, I know you gonna say some junk about how a species is defined as two organisms that can produce fertile offspring... Except to that, I challenge you--no, I triple dog dare you--to produce fertile offspring with the type of dude who has a long braid woven with leather, and a Renaissance-Faire sword in his scabbard, and then you'll win that argument.



P.S. I challenge you to a game of chess. Drinking Chess, that is.

NiNi said...

Gurl, dey IS nerds...it be like dem World or Warcraft fools takin up dem tables in the video game sto when I be tryin to get mah Simcity on. Dey be all ugly and big wit dem big ass round glasses and dey be STANK too. Gurl, when you be playin D&D? Why ain't u be playin some simcity wit me? I done built a big ass ghetto and named it Da Hillz. It were good.

Empress said...

Oh no you didn't just triple dog dare my ass!!!! The Empress of all Science nerds will never lower herself to that level! I would, however, take one of those fancy D&D playin' woven leather braid-boys to the Fortress for some good ol' fashion medieval torture!

White Chocolate said...

All ya'll is crazy!