Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Belated Balentimes!

Oh LAWD, I totally forgot to wish ya'll a Happy Valentine's Day (a/k/a Balentimes).

But, you KNOW that all that chocolate at Walgreens goes on say AFTER February 14th, right?

QUESTION: Why does the full-priced chocolate seem like it tastes better than 1/2 priced chocolate the day after V-Day?

WC heard, AFTER THE FACT, that somebody had asked an acquaintance of WC's about being her Balentime. OH HELL NO. Why you didn't tell me, trick?

I missed out on Necco talky-hearts, or Red-hots, or a Scooby Doo Balentime, or even a fancy silken rose. Or, if this was a real, quality Balentime, W.C. coulda got her EAT and DRANK on! Surf & Turf, baby!

Well, whatever. Here is your V-Day Prezzie, which I stole offa the internetz:

OK, I'ma go to Walgreen's now and get my sugar-buzz on......................... Heart-shaped Whitman's Sampler, here I come! I'll give ya'll the ones I poke my finger into and don't like.

By the way, thanks for keeping on looking out for WC to write something. WC been real busy [lazy], because the weather outside here in The M-I-A is niiiiiice, and I keep waking up under a palm tree, like a crackhead. I'll try to holla at you a little more frequently, tho.

There is always something for WC to talk about!

Kisses, hugs, hearts, kittens, rainbows, unicorns, Surf n' Turf, and DRANK,



Ramon said...

tank you for choor kind words babi. i weel buy choo a present from acapulco babi, like a coconoot or some nice oyster shells choo can use for choor soap and to put choor erings and ehstoff. i weel accept to be your san valentin. weeth oll mai lobe Ramoncito....

White Chocolate said...

Umm, Ramon. Who said YOU were who I was talking about? Conceited!

But I'll take a coconut from Acapulco, regardless.

Ramon said...

what choo talk about ese??
i am the one an onli san valentin too choo no?
eef no, then no coconoot for choo!!!!

5 Dolla said...

Gurl you STANK!!!!

Ramon said...

i now, my oder bootiful mamacita fai dolla, why chocoat stank sonetines.... she thinks she can out-balantine Ramon.. Bai de wai, are you interested in going to acapulco wid Ramon fai dolla??? since der is no coconoot for Why Chocolat i can gibe de coconoot two choo... gwink gwink!!!! ay carambaaaaa!!!!

NiNi said...

i thought that were yo stank ass sleepin under that coconut tree. gurl, i was on SoBe getting mah DRANK on w/BV's man, Artel when I seen you. It were good.