Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Eugoogelizing young hot talented people sucks.

Oh hell no!
We have lost Heath Ledger, who was an all around hot and talented dude, including when he was a hot gay cowboy. W.C. is truly shocked, appalled, and saddened at the loss of a hot man such as this... and in the same week as Josh Renfro... who was more on the B list, but not un-hot or un-talented by any means.

Kids! Pills are to be respected, and AVOIDED. Now, in olden times, W.C. would eat a pill indiscriminately, like Miss Lady PacMan... but that don't make it right, or smart!

Note: Elvis, Marylin Monroe, Jimmy Hendrix, and a ton of other people done expired prematurely due to pills. If you need to take pills, W.C. suggests TicTacs, or Altoids. That will fulfill your oral pill-popping fixation, and ALSO help your breath stankness.

For real, though. The Dark Knight movie with Heath as the Joker is probably gonna be awesome, but sad now. R.I.P. Heath, which, by the way is one of the best candy bars in existence.

W.C. has a tear in her beer.


5 Dolla said...

Gurl... i knows you ain't tryin to lecture about takin' no pills.

It's BRAD Renfro... not JOSH.

Why you ain't got that hot pick of us at the wedding on your site... the one where are you all up on my ass.

White Chocolate said...

1) Gurl, I gotta be a role model for the kids out there! I can't advocate for pills and booze! Drugs are bad, mkay?

2) OH SNAP, it is Brad Renfro. My bad.

3) I don't know what you're talking about: me dancing up on you? YOU were the one dancing up on ME! I DO need to post that pic of us though. It were good (as NiNi would say).

OMG, that wedding was so fun.

NiNi said...

i's gon' miss that hot ass white boy. i knew he were the top in that movie i seen. could anyone else understand a dayum werd he were sayin? lawdy!