Sunday, February 25, 2007

Never mind, girl.

Dear BiBi: I just read the news. Forget I said anything about trying to get you and Justin Timberlake back together. When I wrote that the time was ripe for you to leap into action to get Justin's attention, I didn't mean you should do THIS:

Ooh, LAWD! Girl, first of all: You are looking craygee, and it ain't even The Baldness. It's your eyes. You are shooting crazy bullets out of them eyes.

Second of all: How you gonna copy MY style, with your new wig, and wearing shiny glasses at night, and dancing on tables and drinking beverages with alcohol in them until your nose turns red, sneaking out of rehab, walking around barefooted, and hitting peoples' cars with umbrellas? That's MY thing. You are stomping your crusty feets on MY territory. You are just like this girl "Black Vanilla" that I know, who lives in a trailer with Ni Ni's ex-BF Artel in Apopka, who is constantly copying everything I do.

Third of all: W.C. aimed a little high by saying we could get you back with JT. Girl, do you WANT you a man? It isn't required, of course. For example, W.C. has been single and happy since the beginning of time, besides deep-meaningful-relationships-from-afar with several celebrity boyfriends. However, IF you do want yourself a BoyFriend (OR a GF?) then W.C. suggests aiming a little lower.

Stanky Federline MIGHT be a candidate given your history together, although --- W.C. is shocked at saying this --- Stank-Fed might be a little above your league at this point....

Final point: Did u adopt your kids over to Angelina J. and Brad P.? Maybe you should consider it! Heck, even W.C. would do a better job looking after them babies at this point.

What has the world come to?

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