Saturday, October 06, 2007

BloBi and BruBi, the Wonder Twins

Everybody be asking: "Hey, WC, why are you not talking about BiBi's crazy antics?" Well, WC has been on a spiritual journey of her own. No, I won't go into details, but it involved cheetos, a case of canned sparkling wine, and a wave-runner.

It seems to WC that BiBi has at least two personalities. There is Blonde BiBi (BloBi) and Brunette BiBi (BruBi). Each one gets into their own different messes.

BruBi commits a hit-and-run, while the next day across town, BloBi is dropping a baby on it's poor little soft head. BruBi shaves her head, while BloBi "performs" for the VMA's.
Neither of these two wonder-hootchies realize that it's the year 2007, on planet Earth, or that it's generally considered unseemly to smoke crack naked in front of one's babies.
Ya'll, W.C. just got back from a Cheetos-and-canned-wine-spiritual-sabbatical, and even W.C. understands these life lessons.

And the OTHER thing W.C. knows:


Did you all KNOW that W.C. has an alter ego??? Shocking, I know. But yes, it's true. And now you know.


Ramon said...

Ramon no comprende wassa dis about blobi and blubi. Ees she like el hijo de sam? dat ees too peepl inside one body??? ay know a gooman in Acapulco dat she thinks she was de mexican maryleen monrow, loco, so of course Ramon took advantige of dis situashon and we did eet in my taxi cab. pero tu my deer why chocolat you sufer fron dis condishon? mamcita i weel suppor you. Ay dios mio!!!

Ramon said...

hey mami, how com choo no answer no more eh? orale!!!! ramoncito no write to choo no more. i want a green car.