Saturday, October 20, 2007

Holla at WC: Ramon edition

Ok, so a long time ago, one of W.C.'s "fans" named Ramon the Pool Boy asked W.C. a question, which W.C. didn't answer and so it somehow allegedly caused Ramon the Pool Boy to get deported.

Oops. But not really, because how is Ramon gonna try to get his deportation advice from a bona-fide par-tay girl?

Here is his question:
bye de wey i tink i habe a cuestion regardin soneteen importan. do choo no any peepls that can hel me get a green car? i need a green car so mosh eets not fony. to work and to do all de eh-stof dat peepls do heer in the choonited eh-states. been de wise and bootiful mamacita dat choo ar maybe choo no sone peepl dat no sone peepl no? green cars are har to come by ese truss me Ramon noes. can choo hel me WC get in toush wid soneone wid a green car?
Blah, blah, blah. Say what? And then he got all huffy when W.C. ignored him, and he wrote again:
hey mami, how com choo no answer no more eh? orale!!!! ramoncito no write to choo no more. i want a green car.
W.C. doesn't believe that Ramon will stop writing as promised, and figures she'll have to answer him to get him to "CALLATE."

OK, Ramon. W.C. don't even know exactly what you're talking about (ever), because your accent is inscrutable, W.C. suggests that Ramon get in touch with this guy:

Green Car! BOO-YA!

Oh, and Ramon.... if you don't want to get deported again, you should find yourself a nice U.S. citizen to trick into marrying you. BUT LAWD, NOT W.C.! Don't even THINK about it!


Ramon said...

how can choo say dat mi mamacita??
eef choo dont let me take choo out fer a nice date wid choo?? eh? i had eberyting planed out to de smallest detail. i was going to peek choo up een mi eh-scooter an den drive to el perro loco for some 24's and den take choo for a nice drive to de everglaze where eet can get fonky no mami? an maybe after we go to dat espensive burrito place dat all de nice peepl fron opa locka go to on calle ocho. was de matter choo no like ramon. i know choo like de cheetos an de champigne. was de matter wid choo ese? choo tink ramon cannot buy choo de good eh-stoff in life? i am ramon fron acapulco an i wan to see choo seriously why chocolat. i tink i lobe choo..... but choo let me date choo an i weel concive you. choo weel see.

Dominick Centaur said...

well, i guess he broke his promise...what the hell IS Ramon saying anyway? i can translate Ebonics in nothing flat...but this...I don't know what "choo" call it.

Ramon said...

what?????? choo don speek acapulco biznatch? talk to ramon mor baby...