Friday, September 14, 2007

BiBi Spears Still Copying W.C.'s Style

Uh huh. Girl, you are busted.
Here is the evidence that you are still trying to copy W.C.:
1) Rumors are flying that you didn't want your hair to be blonde for the VMA's. You wanted to get your hair did dark. Your "people" made you go blonde. You know you love W.C's dark n' lovely locks.
2) You got your DRINK on right before dancing. A classic W.C. move.
3) You eschewed the wardrobe choice of your handlers, who wanted to cover up your chunk. Instead, you chose to let it all hang out, with lots of bling. Again, a classic W.C. move.
4) The song you did was "Gimme More" which W.C. says all the time, especially when talking about Nachos, Hot Dogs, or Champagne.
5) BiBi, do you NEED any more comparisons? Girl, wake up! You do your thang, and let W.C. along do her own thing! We gotta deal? Don't make us break down all of the dance moves you done STOLE from W.C. during your "performance"...


Ramon said...

i no i've bean agua-ehy from choo from sone tine now, i was back in Mexico, de migra got mee an send mee to back of de border, but i mees choo why chocolat i really mees choo babi. madre faquin bibi speers tryin to steel choor moobs i mean what de fok?? chee no good huh? chee chowin her cochie coochie ebrywhere, i mean who dos dat eh babi? talk to me, mi querido chocolate blanco. not only choor moves but che try to steel choor ramon. chee come on to me babi, in tijuana, chee shoe me her coochie on purpose. i know i saw eet, eet was berry berry beeg. kick her why trash ass back to de swanp babi. choo sexy chasquach gooman you.

White Chocolate said...

Ramon. No offense-o, but I don't-o understand-o the words-o that are coming out of your mouth-o.