Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Florida Happenings: WC Will Eat Your Pet

There is a dude in Miami Beach who carries a rooster named Mr. Clucky all around Miami Beach and Lincoln Rd.

Exhibit A (courtesy of the above link):
WC has seen this dude with his bird. He carries it under his arm while he rides a bike on Lincoln. He shows it off to kids and grown-ups who inquire. Mr. Clucky even has a MySpace page, apparently.

Now, WC done grown up around chickens, has seen them go in the stew pot and the fryer, and has been attacked by several different hens and roosters over time.

WC knows chickens. Chickens are mean and STANK. This guy should have named his rooster McNugget.


imwildoats said...

Gurl, where you been? Hey, I be knowin bout those chickens, I kilt 200 one day...I gots a big freezer and I got tired of them crowin and clucken birds waken me outta my beauty sleep! While I wuz killin and plucken I wuz singin "ooo ooo that smell" and "dirty deeds done dirt cheap"

NiNi said...

gurl...dat is G-H-E-T-T-O! Who gon bring some stank rooster to Lincoln Rd. Ohh Lawd! I knows what u talkin bout ya'll. Rooster shit is STANK STANK STANK! I ain't gon say where I's smell Rooster Shit; but that Black Vanilla sho do need to clean her trailer...

White Chocolate said...

WC agree with both of ya'll. Chickens stank, and they make noise, and they keep you from gettin your beauty sleep, and they make GREAT NUGGETS!

And Black Vanilla DO need to clean her trailer. It STANK!