Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guuuuuurl, You Can Dance!

Sabra won So You Think You Can Dance!Guuuuuurl, you can dance! Me, Wild Oats, 5 Dolla, and Dominick C. were pretty much in agreement that Sabra would win. She has it all, and can dance any kind of style.

Another great season, and only like 10 more months until the next season!


Dominick Centaur said...

I still think Kameron was ROBBED!!! Poor chunky butt Kameron...

White Chocolate said...

See, I disagree. I think Kameron left at the right time. NOT that he wasn't a good dancer. He was. He is.

But Sabra was "what the competition is all about!"

Let me make you jealous: I am going to see SYTYCD on Tour!!! OMG. Should I make a sign???