Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy New Years!

OOOH, Santy Clauz was niiiice to W.C. this year. Among other things, I gots a FANCY, giant "pimp goblet" from D.D., some purty wall hangins from Shaniqua and D., and a box o' stuff from 5 Dolla. But the funny s*** is that everything from 5 Dolla was USED. There was partially used deodorant, used socks, used foot lotion, and a pre-burnt candle set. Damn, 5 Dolla! Girl, you coulda just got me a card. Now you gonna go around being all stank because you gave up your deodorant! HA! I'm still gonna use that s*** though.

Here go the pimp goblet:
So, then after Santy Clauz Day came New Years Eve, the most magical day of the year. I wish I could remember more of it, but somebody spiked my pimp goblet with a magical brew that tasted like scrawberry kool-aid, but apparently had a bit more potency. Doh! I wore my fancy goat-hair collar, and I got new slippers with hearts on them at the Dollar Store at the West Oaks Mall (you know, that one by JC Penney), but they fell apart after one night of dancing with D.D., Ben Ben, 5 Dolla, and the rest of them crazy kids!

"Air it out, air it out!"

I shouldn't tell ya'll this, but Ben Ben's momma made that kimono out of the living room curtains:
Ain't that amazing??? Ben Ben is Asian Scarlett O'Hara, ya'll!!! Anyway, we all got our dance on, and ran wild through the fields of Apopka for one grand evening at Ground Zero, toasting at midnight with only the very finest, Martini & Rossi Asti Spumanti. Yee ha!


Ramon said...

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roberto said...

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