Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sightings: Bennigan's Still Exists?!

WC thought that every Bennigan's Restaurant went out of business. That is not true. WC found a real-live Bennigan's in Miami, near the airport, and ORDERED A DELICIOUS MONTE CRISTO SAMMICH! Here is the evidence: 

This was one of those rare moments when a dream comes true, and WC has no regrets. 

However, WC did not remember the Monte Cristo being such a belly buster.  

Dr. WC will warn you that if you value your arteries, and if your behind is already as big as you'd like for it to get, you should probably order a salad.  This fried turkey, ham, and 2-cheese sammich is soaked in grease, covered in powdered sugar, and comes with a side of raspberry preserves for dipping the whole thing in. That's right. That is not ketchup in the picture, it's more sugar to add to your salty, greasy, sugar sandwich.   

Folks, the sad truth is that WC could not even finish half of this sammich, due to having already eaten half of the appetizer sampler.  LAWD, WC is getting old!!!

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