Friday, October 20, 2006

Drink Yo-self Some WC

Oh hell yes! Look at this FANCY drink I found in Publix that's named after ME, the one and only White Chocolate. Thank you, Mr. O'Reilly! Note that it's "imported" which means it's very, very fancy. My fave drink B4 now --- besides champagne, of course --- WAS Tequila Rose, because it tastes just like Strawberry YooHoo, but this new "W.C." drink is an interesting development indeed. Lawd! W.C. is blushing!

1 comment:

Ramon said...

my belobed why chocolat, i jus lobe dat dink, eets all i can tink about ees drinkin dat and theenkin of chu. Nothin can compare to chur real flavour my darlin african mamacita. but i can only habe de nest best tin whish ees de why chocolat drin from el seƱor o'reilys. Ese vato heet the gol mine weed dat didnt he? I habe not heard from chanikua in a while. wanna get de to of chus together ese. I tink eet weell be an experianz no ese???
when i dribe a cab in acapulco una mamacita tol mee dat i had an animal atracshion an dat i chould take avantash of eet, so my belobed why chocolat i leebe eet in chur lobly hands to make eet happen mami.