Wednesday, March 29, 2006

White Chocolate and a bunch of other crazy bitches getting their party on! Posted by Picasa


Ramon said...

chiquita my baby!!! chu look soooo good mami. ouch. dis ficsashion i hab for de african mamacita why chocolat is berry berry stron.

White Chocolate said...

Ramon, you best stop drooling on my purty toes. Yeah, you love me. So do ALL the mens up in the club. It's because of W.C. dance moves! HE-LLO! HA HA HA HA, LAWD.

Also, WHY you think W.C. is AFRICAN? Damn boy, W.C. is an AMERICAN, and ain't never been to Africa yet. The closest is a trip I took with 5 Dolla to Busch Gardens, Tampa.

You got it? Good. Carry on.